On the Market: Tips to Sell Your Humble Dog-Friendly Abode

Some people are dog lovers, while others aren’t. While the latter seems crazy to you, you need to keep this in mind when you are trying to sell your home. For some potential buyers, the dog-friendly aspect will be a selling point that the realtor can work, but others won’t like the idea of pet hair and odors. Leave the pet talk to the realtor and drop your dog off at day care during showings, or hire a pet sitter to give him some one-on-one attention.


The showings won’t last forever, and eventually you’ll settle into your new home in San Jose and be ready for a doggy day out. Butcher Park will likely be a frequent stop when your dog needs to burn some energy. You can also beat the heat with a cold brew on the patio at Trials Pub or a cup of gelato at Fireside Caffe.


For more information:

1.Visit rover.com to find a place to board your dog

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4.Visit getridofthings.com for tips on eliminating pet odors

5.Visit realtor.com to find more things you should be talking to your realtor about


Selling a home with a dog on board takes a little bit of planning, but going the extra step is definitely worth it if it helps to sell your home. With the tips above, the sold sign will be up in your yard in no time.


Article provided by Medina at dogetiquette.info.