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“Theo Espinosa was very helpful in answering all of my questions and assisting with the refinancing process. It was great working with him, and he made it a very positive experience.”
– Karol Kafka

“In the past six years we have done two home mortgages, three refinancings and obtained a home equity line through Mortgage Magic. We were initially attracted by Mortgage Magic’s low rates and wide range of loan products, but ultimately it was the high quality of their people and service that won our repeat business. We recommend Mortgage Magic to our friends and business associates without reservation.”
– Alex & Pamela Tsigdinos

“I’ve known Doug since 2007 and have always found him to be incredibly bright, quick thinking and creative. He’s so creative in fact that his talents extend well beyond his primary occupation as a Real Estate professional. He’s a talented writer, blogger, and magician. He donates countless hours to entertaining adults and children with magic and even donates his time an energy to such worthy organizations as The Salvation Army. Yet he is also able to keep his business and family in a fine tuned working order. I can’t say I know anyone quite like Doug Jones; he’s an exceptional individual.”
– Jill Varvel

In May 2008 I contacted Doug Jones to refinance at 17 unit apartment building in West San Jose, California.
Doug was very competitive and he helped me get a very attactive, low interest, 10 year fixed refinance loan.
He was very knowledgeable and professional. It was a pleasure working with Doug Jones and Mortage Magic. I recommend them highly.
– Joseph Bommarity

It has been my honor and indeed a pleasure to work with Doug Jones. Not only is he extremely capable and very experienced in what he does, he also makes sure everything gets done accurately and in a timely manner. Doug’s ability to get the job done and truly care about his clients sets him apart from so many others in the industry.
Iris Kabert
Small Business Owner

Doug is one of the few people in his industry that you trust with your life. His integrity is unsurpassed. I have known Doug since 1972 and his expert advice has always been most beneficial. He is knowledgeable and really enjoys helping people. A person who does business with Doug will not be disappointed .
– Mel Irvin

Hi Doug,
Thanks again for all of your help and getting the mortgage done quicker than I expected– and with the lowest rate. Also, thanks for your patience with my many questions. Once again, please feel free to refer anyone to me as a reference, and I’ll be referring people to you as well.
I enjoyed working with you as well. Thank you also for your patience in working with me to get everything done.
– Charlie Kempner

When I think of people that I would like to associate my business with, I think of Doug Jones. Doug is not only one of the most honest and trustworthy people I know, he is also very caring and patient. I have known Doug for many years as a top producer in the real estate industry. Throughout this time, I have come to admire and respect Doug because he leads by example. We have closed many transactions with Doug and we enjoy every single one. Doug keeps his word and is always gracious with every client.
– Carmel Duran
Account Manager

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of you and your company, Mortgage Magic, Inc.
As both your company’s attorney and a customer, I have had the pleasure of representing your company and you in various matters over the past 20+ years. As you know, I have used your services to finance or refinance my properties over the past 20+ years and have always received excellent service.
Your integrity and professionalism in my relationship with you and your company have been outstanding. I have never hesitated to refer my clients to you for their real property financing needs and have always received favorable comments about your good work.
I will continue to refer my clients to you and look forward to continuing to work with you as long as you remain in business.
– Roger D. Wintle

Doug Jones and his company Mortgage Magic have been our mortgage broker of choice for the last 22 years and has secured over 6 mortgage loans for my wife and I. I trust Doug completely. I know that he is fair, that he is looking out for our best interest and that he and his team of long term loan experts will find the absolute best loan for us. What more could you ask?
– Edwin Bruce

I first met Doug in 1977 during my divorce settlement, when I was buying out my ex husbands equity in our home. As a single mother, I was anxious about this purchase, was overwhelmed and did not know a thing about loans, mortgages or where to start with this process. Doug made me feel confident as he helped me with the purchase.
A few years later I got married and had to sell the house. WOW!!!! Doug’s Team did a fantastic job. I got top dollar in a very short time. This was because of the way he works with his team of specialists that focused on marketing, open houses, video advertising, web advertising, ect. His staff were very efficient and professional.
Doug arranged for us to get the best jumbo loan possible and buy the house I now live in which has also been refinanced.
Doug is extremely knowledgable and is able to provide you with information in a way that allows you to understand and learn. He is able to assist you in obtaining the best rates possible as he supports you through the process. As interest rates changed over the years has helped me refinance and save money. When refinancing was not the best alternative for me he was honest and advised me not to do it at that time.
Doug is not only a true professional and expert in his field but also a honest and honorable man that truely cares for his customers.
He listens to what you need and makes sure that you are treated with respect.
I would recommend Doug’s services to anyone looking for help with real estate or obtaining a loan. I have referred him to many of my friends.
– Nadene Wilkins

I’ve known Doug Jones for over 10 years. He is genuine, knows the mortgage industry and has always been a straight shooter with me. He has talked me out of loans that didn’t make sense and has found situations for me and my wife that were a better fit.
Doug Jones is a trusted associate in the mortgage business who also knows a thing or two about magic.
– Chris Braun
Owner Chris Braun Creative

I have worked with Doug for over 10 years, and continue to return to him. Doug has helped us refinance several times through out the years and most recently he helped our son purchase a home.
Throughout the years I have called on Doug for questions, that he always answered or followed up on, even though the help he was giving me did not turn out to be business for him, it never mattered to Doug he always helped me no matter what.
I also found out that Doug did magic, I called Doug and asked him if he would be interested in performing at my daughter’s kindergarten class for her birthday, he gladly agreed. Of course he was a hit and the children and parents loved his performance.
Doug is the epitome of professionalism, and I would highly recommend him to anyone.
Rod & Laura Rodriguez
Construction Company Owner

We have done business with Doug Jones for many a year and each time we work with Doug we have not been disappointed. He and his people are very responsive, very willing and available to help.
Doug’s organization has always looked out for what is best for us and have not given us any wrong information.
If anyone is needing to buy a new house or refinance we would definitely recommend working with Doug and his team.
– Erwin and Mabel Awuy

Doug Jones is one of the best people I know. He has consistently gone above and beyond the norm to help his clients, friends and many others. Doug always strives to get the best information, explore all options that personally fits your needs. He is readily available and can be relived upon to be honest, thoughtful, friendly and is a straight shooter. Doug frequently donates his time, energy and knowledge to many people and groups. I have know Doug for over 45 years, both as a friend and on a business basis. I have financed several homes through Doug over the past 20 years and he has always made the process easy. Many times when others have said it can’t be done, Doug is able to help and get it done. Doug is always the first person I call for real estate and loan needs..If you do business with Doug, you will not be disappointed.
– David Carlin
Retired police Officer

Mr. Doug Jones is honest, respectable and the most knowledgeable person I have had the privilege of knowing in the RealEstate business.
We have known Mr. Jones for about 17 years, he has guided my wife and I, our sons and folks we have recommended through the complex maze of do’s and don’t ‘s of the Real Estate process.
We Strongly recommend Mr. Doug Jones to anyone who has a real estate need or may just a question.
– David Ballesteros

Doug Jones make buying property easy. He guides you through the paperwork and checks that all is correct before it is submitted. He is a real person and gives you the facts.
I will come back to him for all my real estate and mortgage needs.
– Philip Braverman

Over the years Doug has helped make getting a loan and refinancing easy. He is a wealth of knowledge and works tirelessly to ensure a great outcome. I highly recommend using Doug for your mortgage needs.
– Chris Westfall
President, Westfall Design

I have known Doug Jones for many years and he has successfully supported me on several mortgage lending transactions. First and foremost, Doug is of impeccable integrity. He is honest and open. Secondly, he is one of the most knowledgeable professionals you will find in the real estate and mortgage industry. Third, he will bend over backwards to find the right solution to meet your needs and financial requirements. Fourth, if at all possible, he will make it happen. On a final note, Doug is simply a wonderful and caring person. He donates his time to various charity causes and committed to the betterment of people. I highly recommend Doug for any mortgage financing questions or requirements you might have.
– Brian Quint
Business Operations Manager

Doug and his team are very professional with variety of options available for borrowers. They are very aware of different tax credits and incentives available for first time home buyers. I have been working with them on several occasions, and they always deliver what is promised. Very reliable!
– Larysa Prytula
Financial Advisor

Doug Jones got my wife Stacy and i our first loan. This was at a time when getting any loan was difficult. Doug has continiued to get us home loans but in addition, Doug and his wife have become close friends.
My strong recommendation is to see Doug if you need a home loan or even changes to an existing loan. He can help, sometimes even when others cannot.
– Dennis Christensen
Customer & Friend

It was an absolute pleasure to work with MagicMortgage toward obtaining our new home. Over the past years I have purchased a number of homes and my experience with Doug Jones, especially, was by far the most fluid purchase of all. Doug simply has that unique balance of experience, honesty, knowledge and tenacity that makes his customer feel comfortable during what can be a nail biting experience. I also want to compliment his professional and patient office staff. They were always accessible, had the ability to quickly answer all my questions and assist me in obtaining all the necessary information. Lets face it, purchasing a home can at times be a grueling experience but MagicMotgage certainly made the road to finance completion a smooth journey…….Thanks!!
– Dr. Robert Perez

Doug has helped me refinance my home twice. He worked very hard to get me the best rate possible. Doug also made the refinancing process simple and easy to understand. I recommend Doug to all my friends and family. Thanks Doug!
– Rich Hawthorne
Guitar Instructor

I really appreciate the expertise of Doug Jones. This is critical on the financing for a real estate Purchase transaction.
I have sent Doug some difficult loans. If they can be done, Doug gets them done. If they cannot be done, Doug Lets me know up front, so that we do not waste time pursuing something that cannot be done.
I also appreciate the fact that Doug gets things done early, and especially important, Doug makes certain that all of the other people involved in the financing process, get their tasks done early.
On a purchase transaction, time is critical. When I am representing the buyer, the listing agent expects the financing contingencies to be released on time, and expects us to close on time. Doug has never missed a time deadline with any of my clients. When Doug Jones is doing the financing, we have always been able to release our financing contingencies on time and close on time.
I know that if I have Doug Jones doing the financing that I will be able to have the buyer’s financing contingencies released on time and that we will close on time.
Thank you,
Charles Butterfield MBA
Real Estate Broker/REALTOR
American Realty
Cell Phone: (408)509-6218
Fax: (408)269-3597
Email Address:
– Charles Butterfield
Real Estate Broker

Doug is the best! He is industry leader who generously shares his considerable expertise while inspiring others to achieve greatness in their own respective fields.
– Shannon Grissom
CEO, Shannon Grissom, Inc.

My name is Wendy Perry, I am the Branch Manager of Chicago Title in Los Gatos. I am happy to write a recommendation for Doug Jones and his team at Buyers Realty/Mortgage Magic!! Doug was one of the first clients that I was introduced to when I came back to the bay area 2 years ago. Right away, I knew that Doug is a lender and Realtor of integrity, treats his clients as if they were all his family, and always does the right thing. There are few agents like Doug, and I am happy to be affiliated with him. Please call me if you have further questions! 408-354-7670.
– Wendy Perry
Branch Manager, Escrow Officer

Doug Jones is a wonderful loan officer, with a great team of professionals working with him. Doug has many years of experience and can help most anyone applying for and obtaining a loan. Not only is Doug very experienced in what he does, but he’s a man with a heart and really cares about his clients, always looking out for what’s best for them. I consider myself fortunate to have worked with Doug in the past and look forward to many more transactions with him in the future. As a real estate agent I’ve recommended Doug’s services to many of my clients and will continue to do so, knowing that they will be in good hands.
– Margaret Barton
Real Estate Agent

I re-financed my mortgage with Doug and his team in November 2012. The job was not magic, but was done extremely professional. The whole process was handled in very informative, responsive and efficient way. All in all the support Doug and his team have provided was outstanding and in case I’d re-finance a mortgage again, I’d go back to Mortgage Magic.
– Alois Schmid
CEO, Operations Expertise LLC

In the fifty years my wife and I have owned our home, we have re-financed it a number of times. By far and away, Doug Jones of Mortgage Magic, has performed the most efficient and friendly service of all our mortgage brokers. I highly recommend Mortgage Magic.
– D. J. Rawson